Rust Prevention Underneath The Truck

truck undercoating

Due to its over-extensive use and long mileage hauls, the heavy duty truck is one of the most exposed mobile engines. It is always open to the ongoing accumulation of both natural and artificial elements, usually underneath the truck. Trucks’ engines never last as long as they should, and are always subjected to ongoing repairs and maintenance. But all this work can be curtailed (never be prevented altogether, that would be unrealistic to expect) if the truck receive its proper truck undercoating.

A proper undercoating installation will be focusing on rust prevention. Truck engines remain over-exposed to exterior elements, both artificial and natural. These elements, if not kept in check, will overwhelm unprotected engines and cause these to rust and corrode over time. An undercoating installation is therefor quite necessary to ensure the longevity of the truck’s engine. All metal exposed to outside air and moisture will oxidize. An accumulation of salt will accelerate the oxidation process.

Without the proper care and maintenance of heavy duty trucks, entire fleets will corrode and slowly grind to a halt, redundant, useless and beyond repair. Commercial and professional coating services are, of course, not confined to the trucking industry. It applies to all vehicles of all sizes, makes and uses, including agricultural use vehicles such as tractors and ploughs. The first task during the undercoating process is to clean the entire underside of the vehicle. All areas that are typically vulnerable to the collection of contaminants will be prioritized.

High pressure power washers are used to clean the undersides of vehicles. Long wands and angled tips allow the engineer to reach all (unreachable) areas of the vehicle’s engine infrastructure. These instruments make it easier for the engineer to remove all salt, sand, mud and road grime.